"I don't believe it!"   Victor M
Grumpier Old Men Shopping Catalogue
And just to make life less tolerable a shopping site of exclusive, individual, high quality "GOM Gifts" that are not made from recycled materials, that will not biodegrade - Grumpy gifts that are not at all politically correct, not even vaguely - for the not so old Grumpy Old Men in our lives. Grumpy Old Men who seem to find the rigors of life not so rigorous, just bloody annoying and so deeply frustrating.
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Cards & Stationery Wines & Spirits Bath Oils

Grumpy birthday card

Old McWankers Scotch whisky

Bugger off bath oil
Tempers Fugit Rat arsed Bugger Off
Wines & Spirits Booke Shoppe Wines & Spirits

Upshit Creek Chardonnay

Pains in Public by Andrew Holmes

Piss Pour Port
Rat arsed Rat arsed
GOM Novelties Preserves GOM Novelties

The Grump Cook Mug

Dragons breath mustard

Grumpy car sticker
and Jokey things Gone to Seed and Jokey things
Wines & Spirits Booke Shoppe GOM Hampers

Selection of wines and/or spirits

Pains on Trains by Andrew Holmes

The grumpy old gits hamper
Rat arsed
Grumpier Old Men Forum
In addition to these exclusive non pc Grumpy gifts we also have the ultimate place for those Grumpies to Get it Off Their Chest and unload the days baggage of life, that baggage that is so. ... infuriating..... Join in with the "GOM Forum" with like minded GOM or GOW to share a moan.. or have a groan.
Get it off your chest
in the Grumpy Forum or take a look at our Grumpy Gifts:
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