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42 Days Detention without Charge

42 Days Detention without Charge

Monday 16th June 2008.

An opinion poll for the Daily Telegraph reveals that an overwhelming majority of the public are in favour of the plans. The YouGov survey found that almost three quarters of the public (69 per cent) support raising the detention limit from 28 days to 42 days "in exceptional circumstances". A quarter (24 per cent) oppose the plans.

Very sad. Only 24% can see what is really happening.

This evil government will get away with it. The very same people who erected a statue of terrorist Nelson Mandella are now busily emulating the South African government they supposedly despised.

The only result of this new law is that it will be relentlessy applied to anyone who dares to resist ZaNuLab, and that plod will apply less urgency to their "inquiries", knowing they have more time.

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