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EU Expenses

EU Expenses

Thursday 12th June 2008.

This has been a lively week with the gravy train throwing out a few sparks

For those who would like to see just how powerful the internet can be in booting our Lords and Masters in the pods would do well to marvel at the work done by Guido Fawkes, a self appointed sleuth who has so far this week had two Tory MEP’s sacked, another two on the rack as we speak

I will be doing some research next week in the German language area of the Web to see if anyone over there has a similar agenda to Guido.

Get us OUT of the EU NOW


This is how he gets them firede. One simple letter and if they don’t answer, he nails them. Poetry in motion

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Dear Labour Voters
We meet at last. It’s been 11 years and you’ve enjoyed every moment, haven’t you?...


Gordon - How very dare he...
Does anyone know of a hitman that I could hire?...


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