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Last chance to hear the truth about Climate change

Last chance to hear the truth about Climate change

Thursday 3rd January 2008.

Why do people not believe the ridiculously hysterical ’predictions’ of the climate change lobby?

Is it because they are sick of all the bogus science that keeps changing with every new report, just so these so-called experts can keep their gravy train rolling?

Is it because they are sick of failed American politicians who, having done nothing about US oil consumption when they had the chance, now fly their bloated carcasses (plus entourage) to exotic locations like Bali, instead of using teleconferencing to get their ’message’ across?

Is it because they see a hypocritical Labour Government preparing to cynically tax the arse off everybody under the guise of ’global warming,’ only to squander the money on more of the disasterous socialist bollocks that have wrecked the UK in ten short years?

No? Perhaps it’s the fact that none of these campaigners are prepared to accept the real truth... that overpopulation is the core reason why the human race is doomed. Unless and until the UN calls for zero population growth, the hand wringing socialists and liberals who want the west to give up the technologies they have worked so hard to develop are wasting their time. Just how many billions does the planet’s population have to reach before the kind of naive wanker that set up Mozo’s quoted site realises the real problem?

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