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Iraq, The Shame

Iraq, The Shame

Tuesday 4th September 2007.

After being lied to by our own Government, desperate to take a major role in Bush’s New World Order and acquisition of the Resources of Oil/Secure Jewish Vote campaign, we are blueberry muffined.

Iraq was invaded illegally by a brutal coalition of politically connected “entrepreneurs” and trigger happy Generals keen to show the world that the US still maintains the upper hand with it’s half a trillion dollar budget.

The Iraqi army, the only people who have ever ruled the place were disbanded so that American Corporations could get on with the job in hand. Stitching the place up, increasing “shareholder value” and plundering the up for grabs oil supplies. Possibly the only people who could hold the place together were sent home to work out how they could split up the country into a tribal anarchical warlord fiefdom.

We now have millions made refugees, no infrastructure, poverty, hysterical levels of violence, a totally politically unstable region from Morocco to Pakistan, Iran waiting in the wings to fully exploit the situation and Islamic fruitcakes armed to the teeth by China and Iran just itching to rub the infidels noses in it once again. Plus of course, the 600,000 innocent men, women and children slaughtered by the ongoing fight between anyone with a stealth bomber or an old AK47.

We were told:

Joyous Iraqi’s dancing in the street would greet us - wrong. Pissed off Iraqis cutting our heads off, kidnapping, murdering and looting is what we got.

Joyous Iraqis revelling in their new found democracy - wrong. Tribal clans desperate for a stake in whatever may follow are rounding up their enemies and slaughtering them en masse

Weapons of Mass Destruction - Never found, never proved.

Revenge for 9/11 - except of course that Iraq had nothing to do with terrorism. It does now. Anybody who wants to kill for fun can head out there for some real action.

So now, the British Army has lost. Basra, who they told us was a joyous liberated city, sprinkled with rose petals is a hellhole, where the Army are bombarded daily. We are lucky to have suffered so few casualties. We will leave Iraq to genocide until we can install another suitable dictator who will service the needs of the Oil hungry USA. The British Army, who pride themselves on getting it right (Falklands, Sierra Leone) have been used as cannon fodder by USA whilst Halliburton has thrived. We have lost to a bunch of sand n*ggers, had our arses kicked by camel jockeys and our social standing on the planet is that what can be scraped off a shoe after a walk in the park.

I want Labours heads on plates for this. I want these filth put on trial at the Hague. I want people to wince with revulsion every time they hear the names Blair, Brown or Straw. Shamed by the arrogant and self serving actions of their “leaders”.

Our armed forces should be scaled back to what is required to defend this Island, our leaders booted down Whitehall by a seething mass for daring to think they could achieve this monumental betrayal of trust. The utter arrogance of it all makes me sick. Never again should the Armed Forces be used to secure anything other than HOMELAND security. That does not include playing major roles in Bush’s demented fantasies or African adventures.

Time to retire, lick our wounds and face up to the fact that the British public were had by British politicians and we are all going to pay the price whilst they retire to Villas in the Bahamas to write their memoirs and drink Champagne, flown in from Texas.

If any of the current bunch of power hungry cretins dares show their faces at the Poppy Ceremony in November, I will not be held responsible for my actions.

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