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Suffer The Little Children

Suffer The Little Children

Wednesday 24th January 2007.

And who gives a Rhubarb about the kids, certainly not Nu-NuShite.

Just wait for it as the Adoption Agencies place 50% or more of the kids with homosexual couples who in turn will fück with the minds of these poor lab rats in this Nu-NuShite experiment in social engineering.

Everyone knows that placing kids in the care of such people is a massive risk and this should not be countenanced in a civilised society.

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Was the war legal?

After months of calls from critics and lawyers alike for the government to publish its legal justification for war, Channel 4 News has now learned that the government’s law officers never did write a formal unequivocal opinion in favour of military action.

Important new revelations have emerged on the legality of the war against Iraq which overthrew Saddam.


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