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Chris Eubank arrested

Chris Eubank has gone up in my estimation

Monday 14th March 2005.

Eubank arrested for taking lorry

Chris Eubank lives in The Upper Drive in Hove with his family. Former boxing champion Chris Eubank was arrested for driving away a lorry which was causing a traffic jam in Brighton. Mr Eubank was questioned by police for several hours for moving the Scottish & Newcastle Brewery delivery truck which was in Sydney Street.

He had been taking his children to school on Monday morning and got stuck behind the truck unloading beer.

Sussex Police said a 38-year-old man was arrested for aggravated taking and driving away and was released on bail.

"I spent three-and-half hours in a police station and I would do it again" said Chris Eubank

The former world middleweight champion defended what he did saying although it was illegal, it was morally right.

Mr Eubank said he asked the delivery men to move but they refused.

He said: "I climbed up and in. He put his hand on my hand and I said don’t let me get down please.

"And he took his hands off and I drove 100m down the road and put it on the left hand side."

He then went to the police station and handed himself in.

"I spent three-and-half hours in a police station and I would do it again.

"As members of the community we have a duty to protect one another, and the police are the community and it needed to be done," he said.

Scottish Courage Brewery said its staff were only doing their job.

Mr Eubank said he will pay for any damage to the vehicle.

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